STuff we like

We often get asked about how we do what we do. Truth is, there are some awesome resources out there to help churches. Below are several that we could not live with out. If you every have a question on something specific, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

  • Planning Center Online

    Hands down the one tool we could not do without! Planning center allows us to easily communicate with our volunteers, plan and organize services and events, store and report all of our songs and charts, view charts on digital devices, as well as much more. Whether small or large in church size, your volunteers will thank you and you'll thank PCO. 

  • Praisecharts

    Most musicians need charts. And we like accurate charts. Nothing is worse than getting your hands on a chart that has wrong chords and progressions. The guys at praisecharts eliminate the need for second guessing. Get the latest chord chart, lead sheet, and even full orchestration for the latest worship songs and even specials. Not only can you get them, but you can get them in most any key. You buy the charts but it's well worth it and they're very reasonable. Did I mention PCO (see above) even links with Praischarts for easy connectivity and storage?

  • Multitracks

    One of the things that are critical to what we do is the ability of all of our musicians to play to a click. In doing so, it allows us not only to be consistent tempo-wise, but it also allows us to sync up with creative video content and use "stems." Most modern worship music is highly produced and has deep layers of music. There are often more than 3 electric guitar parts, over 5 keyboard parts, and several layers of loops and percussion. While we play all of the main instrumentation live, purchasing tracks allows us to "fill the gaps" of the missing instruments and sounds. We like to call it the icing on the cake. Vocal cues are often included which really helps everyone on track with difficult arrangements. 

  • N Stuff Music

    N Stuff Music isn't a tool, it's a store. If you don't live in the Pittsburgh area then you're probably out of luck but I'm sure they'd hook you up online. We can't speak highly enough of the guys at N Stuff Music. Most of the employees have been there for years and and they know their music and audio gear. What we love best is that they don't try to push the products that they get kick-backs from. They want what's best for you. Can't say enough about this locally owned and operated music store. If you're in the area, you should definitely make the trip there! 

  • Moyers Group

    Based in Atlanta, GA, Moyers Group have over 28 years in experience installing church technology solutions. Not to mention they do schools, businesses, sports facilities and the like. We have worked on several projects over the years with Moyers only to be blown away each time. Whether it's audio, lighting rigs, video, communication systems and more, they just get it. One of my favorite things about these guys is their desire to know your vision as a church and to help you see it through. They don't do "cookie-cutter" and they couldn't be more easy to work with. On top of that, 3 years ago we partnered with them (at their initiative) to plant sound systems in local churches in Africa. At their expense, they not only donated the equipment, but sent 2 installers to Zimbabwe where we set up a full audio and video system in 2 separate churches. One church went from averaging 30 attenders to 200 overnight! If you are looking at doing any technology work at your church, you should really talk to Moyers.