cornerstone worship live

Cornerstone Worship Live is the creative arts team of CORNERSTONE MINISTRIES in Murrysville, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh). We invite you to explore the website and hit our video page to see some of what God is doing through us here at Cornerstone. We'd love for you to take an even bigger step by coming to join us for worship at one of our weekend services. 

Our philosophy when using 'the arts' in ministry is simple. The methods may change, but the message always remains the same. That message is the amazing love and grace that is found only in Jesus Christ. We try to creatively communicate that message through music, drama, audio/visual, dance, and any other artistic way possible. When attending one of our worship services, you'll find a high energy contemporary worship experience that will inspire you to celebrate His goodness yet be overwhelmed by the quietness of His love. 

core values

Our core values come from a philosophy of worship and ministry that flow from the heart of Romans 12. It is the breath of every note we sing, the energy behind every chord that is struck, and the thread that weaves us together as a team. We pray that those who join with us in worship each week would experience the joy and freedom of God's presence while being overwhelmed with His love and grace.

AUTHENTICITY - Nothing is more distasteful than that which is phony or fake. Our prayer is to be continually changed to be more like Christ. This means being the same person both on and off stage. We strive for authentic worship...songs that are sung from the heart and expressed in way that outwardly demonstrates His great love for us.

UNDERSTAND YOUR GIFT - Romans teaches us that we are all graced to do certain things well. Knowing and understanding your gift is crucial to your growth and the growth of your team. We believe in putting people in a "position to succeed". If someone is gifted and graced to sing, we encourage them to sing. If someone is gifted and graced to play guitar, we encourage them to play. We are honest in our evaluations of ourselves and understand the body of made up of many parts.

HUMILITY - One of the greatest temptations any artist faces is pride. Romans 12:3 (NLT) says "don't think you are better than you really are." Though we believe any artist must have a quiet confidence in his/her gifting and ability, any hint of arrogance or self -reliance can ruin a sweet aroma of worship. We understand our talents come from the Lord and if not matched with the Lord's spirit, it is only good art.

LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE - Loving God isn't enough. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart, AND to love your neighbor as yourself. If we worship God with all our heart, mind, and strength but ignore the needs and people around us, we have missed the mark. We strive to be active in our church and community in both sharing and physically demonstarting the love of Christ. 

SERVE WITH JOY & EXCELLENCE - All that we do should be done with a servant's heart and done with joy. We worship with energy and passion because of all He has done, all He's doing, and most importantly, who He is. We also serve with excellence. Psalm 33:3 says "Sing to Him a new song, play SKILLFULY and shout for joy." Everything we do is done with the utmost excellence and expressed with a heart of joy. 

TEACHABLE SPIRIT - Understanding that we all have more to learn and more room to grow is critical. No matter how talented, educated, or blessed we are, we work to enhance our craft and become better. We strive to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others, always listening and valuing the opinions of our leadership and team members.