Get involved with cwl

Cornerstone Worship LIVE is always ready to add new members to the team. We are looking for skilled instrumentalists, singers, audio engineers, lighting technicians, video camera operators, computer operators and more. If you are a regular attendee of Cornerstone Ministries, are gifted in the arts or have an interest in audio/visual technology and would like to use your gifts/interests to glorify God and serve the local church, scroll down to find out how to get the ball rolling.

the process

The first step to joining the Cornerstone Worship LIVE team is to fill out one of our online application.  Once you've submitted it, a CWL staff member will be in touch with you with information about next steps which include an audition (for instrumentalists and vocalists only) and an interview.  Please scroll down to apply.

The application

You'll need to fill out a different application depending on the area of CWL for which you are applying. Click here to apply for the MUSIC TEAM or click here to apply for the AUDIO/VISUAL TEAM. Once you've submitted your application, you will be contacted by a CWL staff member with information about next steps. 

Scroll down for more information regarding the audition and interview process.

The audition

For instrumentalists and vocalists, when you are contacted by a CWL staff member, you will be given a password to access our Audition Resources page where you can download mp3s and chord charts for the two songs with which you will audition.  You will then join us at our next audition where you'll have the opportunity to perform the material you've prepared with a house band along with other people who will be auditioning.  

We don't currently have an audition scheduled.  Please check back later.

The interview

The final step in the process is the interview. Not only are we interested in seeing and hearing your gifts, we want to hear your story. Interviews are usually set up on weekends after services and only last about 15 minutes. They help us get to know you better and for you to ask any questions you may have. It is also during these interviews that we will let you know if you've made the team.